Set The Sky On Fire

Burn It Up Till We See the Stars

Two Fireworks >> Video
All these filthy streets

Compared to the rest of the populace, Kuukaku just got gills. Which means she's currently clinging to a flagpole on some building somewhere with her legs. Its a miracle of anime physics that her skirt isn't flying up or her boobs aren't popping out of her top.]

Okay, does this shit happen a lot around here? I mean, girl goes to sleep on a comfy pile of debris and wakes up to a crab trying to get in her hair. As the bureaucracy of crackpots have informed me, they've busted a leak upstream, which is why we're all swimming to work. But thats not the important thing!

I'm Shiba Kuukaku, best fireworks technician you'll ever meet and Im looking for stuff. Namely somewhere to sleep and materials to restart my lab. Among them black powder or charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur, strontium or lithium salts, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, barium, copper, large amounts of iron and steel, or structures that would support a forge. Payment agreed to on a case by case basis. 

And before one of you smart asses asks, the only parting of my legs I'd do for anyone would be to kick your pelvic bone directly under your skull. 

One Firework >> Audio
RAGE, This is My Ganju Face
[Sup, Adstring? How are you today? Good? Well rested? Awesome. 

However, there's someone who isn't. Somewhere, there is one unbelievably pissed off woman standing in the middle of the street, PCD in hand, and bristling like the angriest, scariest cat you can imagine. And yelling at the top of her lungs which, just to note, carries pretty far. She's shouting a name, it seems


[Growling and not seeming to notice the happy flicker of the recording light on her phone, the woman continues to stomp down the road.]

Whoever is responsible for this is going to get his ass set on fire! Ganju, where are you?!

Pride of the Shiba
[Filtered to Seireitei at large]

Alright folks, Summer's here and that means the damned heat is too. So, for you sweaty, grumpy shinigami looking for some way to not marinate in your sweat, I am pleased to announce that my Kidou Coolers are up for order again! This new batch lasts longer on a charge and has directional vents as well. Seeing as Im a good business woman and at least gracious enough to you all for the lodging, I'm happy to offer discount bulk prices to divisions!

Also remember that Summer is fireworks season, too! Anyone looking to throw a party or just annoy your neighbors, I have brand new packages built for individual buyers in mind, full of the staples and some new products perfect for setting off in your backyard or division grounds.

Like the Fires of Hell
[OOC: Assume this is pre-Aizen is a fucking dick and lets the boys go.]

[Filtered to Friendlies.]


Everything from First District to the Thirty Fifth is repaired and new homes have been made for those who have lost theirs. The businesses and industries are gonna take a hell of a lot longer, but people have roofs over their heads again. Its a start.

Problem is the people deeper into the Rukon. I don't need to tell you folks how bad shit gets once you cross into the Forties, and reconstruction has to happen. We've got a lot of people, for reasons that are pretty damn obvious, aren't wanting to go back home. People are crowded down here and while the extra hands are nice to help get the bigger projects up and running, its causing a lot of problems with spreading food and water around, especially as the Summer comes in.

So, to get to the point, I need some volunteer swords to help secure supply lines and just be watch dogs in the upper districts. Can't pay ya much except in meals for the day and some possibly grateful smiles, but its a hell of a squeeze down here.

[Filtered to Ganju]

You better be getting another good report card, you little punk.

[Filtered to Illuminati.]

Has anyone, anyone, heard a fucking thing out of Aizen? I'm not liking this silence bullshit a fucking bit. C'mon, I know I'm not in the damn inner circle here, but a word on my family and my damned boyfriend would help me sleep a little better at night.

Feel the Heat
[Locked to Rukia]

Hey, Kuchiki...

[Her voice is quiet, thoughtful even for a woman so often yelling and being crass.]

I got a jug of sake here with our names on it. Where are you?

Pride of the Shiba
[Locked to Kensei, Renji, and Ichigo]

Not a word. All three of you keep your damn heads down and dont say a word till something can be figured out.

You already did your stupid heroic shit for this year.

[Locked to Urahara and Yoruichi]

Please tell me that you covered your tracks, Kisuke, so that I dont have to worry about you getting busted for being involved.

Like the Fires of Hell
[Filtered to Seireitei Friendlies]

So, what in the ever blazing fuck is going on? I keep hearing people yammering about Aizen closing the Senkaimon? Again? Doesn't the bastard have a new song and dance by now? Someone's at least seeing to the konsoing and hollow-stomping, or is Aizen trying to tear down his own precious kingdom around his ears?

[Private to Urahara]

Assuming you're not locking yourself in your lab, I got a question or two to ask you.

[Private to Rukia]

You'd better be keeping your strength up, Kuchiki.

[Private to Yoruichi]

Hey, got a favor to ask of you.

Pride of the Shiba
[Private to Isshin]*

Oy, I'm not fond of you, you bastard. You know that. But you do need to know that your boy is in the Fourth under 24-hour watch. He's been messed up something bad. His reiatsu is ripped up like no tomorrow. Broken ribs and punctured lung, smooshed organs. He was in a coma when he got in here and...some of the nurses told me that his heart stopped for a few minutes on the table.

He wanted you to know, so you damn well better consider what you say to him next time.

[Private to Unohana-taichou]

Aaah... I know you're probably busy. Really busy is my cousin's any indication, but... you got anyone that has something to help ya sleep? I...can't right now.

[ooc: Yeah, we dont have an Isshin, but I did this anyway so that Kuukaku can say that she sent a message for reals.  Feel free to ignore it if it contradicts something else you had in mind, Aino.]

Pride of the Shiba

[Filtered to Friends, Family, and Seireitei Friendlies.]

[Kuukaku looks like ragged hell that's been driven over by a sixteen-horse carriage. Almost a month of being in crisis mode - between battling out the invaders in the Rukongai then spending the time ever since between trying to coral the uprisings and protecting the citizens caught between rioters and Seireitei and sometimes protecting the citizens from the shinigami that had grown too tired and frustrated to be able to delineate between innocent and suspect. ]

I'm checking with the Twins for a bit. Not sleeping here, but I got a few trust worthy people watching the camps. Any word on when you guys will be done painting the noble's fucking porches?

[She cards a hand through her hair, looks like she could use a shower, too. The camera swings to indicate she's turning a corner and then stops and begins to...lower? The angle is strange, odd, like her hand is dropping down to her side, the small slice of her face visible is still and wide-eyed. Shocked speechless.]

Wh...? NO! NO!

[Suddenly, the phone seems to drop all together to the ground, landing with a burst of static and something breaking. Through a fractured lens, Kuukaku's feet are seen running towards her house.

A house that is billowing dark, black smoke from its windows.]

RAGE, This is My Ganju Face
Filtered to Seireitei AdministrationCollapse )

[Filtered to RukiaCollapse )

Filtered to KenseiCollapse )

Filtered to IchigoCollapse )

Filtered to KisukeCollapse )

Private to SelfCollapse )


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